Monday, August 29, 2016

Yay I'm Back, Moved and College is Going Great

Yay, I am exited to be back. It took me a bit longer to get Internet service hooked up at my new place.

I couldn't blog from my cell phone, because the area I live in now is a little out of full service range. It was taking 2-3 minutes to pull up a web page, because of that yeah I didn't even bother going online for much of anything.


My move went pretty good. My fabulous parents came with me to help me so I could bring more than would just fit into my own car. They are awesome by the way. They stuck around a few days and helped me get moved in and settled.

I mentioned a few weeks back I was moving into an apartment sight unseen.
Fortunately, it all worked out fabulously. The place is much larger than I expected. Its also newer and kept up quite well. The views I have in my desert surroundings are fabulous.
I live on the side of a plateau and have some stunning views out all my windows. I'm also located within minutes of some of the most beautiful places you've ever seen. In short, I am very happy about it.

I've already been enjoying playing in my new backyard as you can see in the image above and below. Since it was National Parks 100 year anniversary and it was free to get into them. I couldn't resist a bit of hiking in Zion Nation Park. No matter how many times I go there, I am always in love with the beauty of it. I even love more how close I live to it again and can visit and enjoy it anytime I want!


In my mind I thought the first week teachers would ease into it all a bit.
I was wrong, very wrong. I literally had so much homework and reading after the first couple of days, I was beyond looking forward to the weekend!

One plus is I really do like my classes. Granted two of them are pretty much nothing new to me, having been working in the Recreation industry in the past. But it might be nice to have a couple of easier classes because the other two I am taking are going to be much more involved than I had anticipated.


Leave it to me in an open conversational debate on my 2nd day of class to be the one who had the question in relation to the reading assignment and my disagreement with it. Which put all attention on me as the two professor's (it felt like) grilled me on several responses in front of the entire class, before taking the question to the rest of the class.

Thankfully I have an opinion on everything so that kind of helped. But it did feel awkward at first, but seeing as how once a week we will be doing that, I'll get used to it. (I think)
Bonus, whenever you say anything profound, LOL you get extra points and I scored a lot of extra points that day they said, LOL

Campus life is significantly different than it was when I went to school here many years ago. Besides the fact that the University campus has changed a lot. Everything is different.

I just loved being the only one who didn't know we were all supposed to be using this online portal, it's like a Facebook for school (Canvas) and all my assignments and schedules are on there. Ha ha.

One new thing I do love is this book rental stuff. I was able to get all books for all 4 classes for $127. Sweet huh! I lucked out because one class the professor's (yeah I have a triple teacher class) hate books because they are ridiculously expensive. So one less book to buy there yay me!

The rest of college life is great. I am not the oldest in my classes, well in one of them I definitely am. But I think not looking my age helps a bit as oddly there are kids that come up and talk to me like I am one of their peers and I haven't seen them do that to some of the other older individuals in the class. Which is funny, but I have decided to play the obviously I'm a bit older than you. But no one needs to know how much, LOL.


I made a decision, or my lack of being able to get out and do long runs has made the decision. The marathon I signed up for which is about a month away. I am not going to be ready for it.

With the move and everything happening in my life, I had to skip the last 4 weeks of building mileage longer run days. I'm only running about 20 miles a week right now and that is nowhere near the 40 I should be at to be getting my body properly conditioned.

Plus, I am struggling. I've really got to dump some of this weight I think it's holding me back from being able to run as I would like.

It kinda sucks, because it's going to kill me to pass up on the race. The Marathon is actually and ironically in the new town I just moved to. (Didn't plan that when I signed up for it back in April!)
But when you're not ready, you're not ready. I am going to continue to train and begin the building process, but without a specific goal in mind. Other than getting my body back in shape, and boy does it need it!

I do however have many beautiful trails all around me. I think I could run a different trail every day for a month and not have to do the same one if I wanted to. This city has put a lot of money into making these gorgeous trails.

It is funny though, I can't tell you how many lizards I now have to watch dart out of my way. One was so big on the trail the other day I was sure I was going to accidentally step on his head when I didn't notice him in time, but he moved quicker than he looked like he could, LOL

I fully plan on getting back into blogging regularly starting this week. But I am going to ease into it a little and start with two posts a this week instead of 3-4. Just so I can ease into things and fit it into my new schedule and not get overwhelmed.

So tell me, what is something you've done lately that has put you out of your comfort zone?

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Bee Sting, Spider Bites, Camping and Lake time. Catching You Up On the Past Few Weeks

I know my posts have been a few and far between, and yes there will still be about two more weeks of that before I can get back to blogging like I enjoy.

Before I get buried in things to do tomorrow as I begin the huge major changes I am taking with my new life path. I wanted to share with you a few tidbits of my past few weeks.


* I've let life get too busy and take over. For the first time in marathon training ever I've let life take precedence. So can I be ready in a month and a half? Unlikely, but I know myself well enough to never say never!

* Living in the 2nd to driest state in the country, summer means wildfire season. Several days this year heading out for a run it was like running through a campfire, very smoky running days, meant less run days. Which didn't help!


* Up camping late at night staring up at the milky way in the sky, forgot we had to tie ropes out further to keep the tent from blowing over during the heat wind storms. and fell and bruised up my hip and top of my foot. Was pulling those poky weeds out of my PJ's while my niece and sister just laughed their heads off at me. Gave a new meaning to lost in thought star gazing!

* Got stung by my first bee while out running. My foot/ankle and shin were swollen like this for a week (the swelling was so painful). Then it took another week after that for all the swelling to go down. Yeah, no running during that time, because I couldn't even fit my running shoe on. Same foot I had cut and bruised up a few days earlier from tripping on the rope, as you can see in the not so flattering picture.

* A few days later. I was in a friends yard at night and got 10 spider bites. Yes you read that right 10 spider bites. 2 on my (other) foot, 2 on my thigh, 2 on my hip, 3 on my hand and 1 on my arm.
I wanted to rip my skin off for a week, but I managed to not to.. Still not sure how!

* We had our first family pictures in over 25 years. My sister hired her friend who told her she was a professional photographer. (We broke rule #1 right there.)
It was horrid, in short the photographer looked like she just rolled out of bed, brought her kids, didn't bring a charged battery or spare. Then we got her a really nice expensive camera loaned from a family member and she put it on auto mode. Found out the next day she forgot to save the pictures to the card. She recovered some but they were terribly blurry. She pretended to photoshop them using one of those free apps, made them look worse. There were a few other terrible things she did too, it was so unbelievable. They are all worthless.

Myself and my sisters took pictures on our cell phones of the kids that turned out 100% better than any that we paid a fake photographer to do..... Horrid experience, lesson learned.


* My 3rd to last day of work. I apparently won employee of the month. Of course since I was leaving they didn't tell me about the early morning meeting so I wasn't there to hear about it.
But I caught on a while later when people kept coming up to congratulate me. It was very nice of them to give this to me, even though I was leaving them in a few days. Even nicer will be the bonus I was told will be in my final paycheck.

* Speaking of leaving my job. I can't tell you how fabulous they were about it. Everyone treated me so amazing. They were all so supportive of the new adventure I am taking.

* I still haven't quit the library, note to self I need to do that tomorrow!


* Boating with the family at Flaming Gorge. It's such a beautiful place as you can see below.

* In addition to the beautiful scenery at Flaming Gorge, we were blessed one night with this sunset. No filter was added, this is really how it looked. Of course the brilliant colors were due to a huge wildfire and a lot of smoke in the air. Funny how bad things like wildfires can make for such beautiful sunsets.

* Lot's of SUP and Kayaking this summer. Sun and fun! I love my paddleboard, but now I need my own kayak I forgot how much I love it too!

*I've seen a lot of beautiful wildlife this summer while in the outdoors.

* Had a bear pass by my tent the other night, literally just a few feet away. No I don't have a picture, it was the middle of the night. Didn't wake the kids to show them because I was afraid they might not go to sleep after.

* Hiking with friends and family, I can't get enough hiking. The higher elevations right now are just blooming in a decent array of wildflowers despite this very dry summer.

* Camping with my nieces and nephews this summer, great times at night around 10,000 feet in elevation. We got to have clear views of the meteor shower, which was amazing. While we bundled up and sat around a campfire trying to keep warm.

* Of course days in higher elevations are awesome, just two days ago the high was only 60. It was perfect to escape the valley's heat and relax in some cool.

* Fun times on our family campout this year, even if I could only be there part of the week!

- I am an Olympics junkie right now. Can't get enough! I just love them so inspiring!  It didn't help my addiction last week having to sit in front of the TV at work all week watching it. Actually it made my last week of work go by fast an awesome! I may go through withdrawals when they are over!


* I move in 3 days, and I haven't started packing or preparing at all. I've been too busy and haven't gotten around to it. Instead I went camping and just returned.

* If your wondering why I am moving, and what I am doing you can check out MY NEW LIFE ADVENTURE HERE and read about it.

* I only just found out my new apartment will be ready for me. I haven't bought a single thing for it as I am leaving almost all my furniture and stuff here in Salt Lake, since I will only be gone 2 years I am hoping I can just buy things there.

* I am going to miss my family and all my amazing nieces and nephews so much! I have an awesome family, my sisters and I are best friends. If this new adventure wasn't going to be so worth it in the end, I don't think I would be able to leave them.
They have promised to visit often, they better!

Yup, so that is a bit of my last three weeks and the pictures that go with them. It's been fun, but crazy busy too. Best news is, the bee sting and spider bits have almost all but stop itching, that's a miracle in itself I thought it would never end, LOL

I've really got to get things going. So first thing this morning I am going to go for a run. (Haven't had a morning run in way too long), then a little target shooting and after that I MUST get going on the packing bit. Because come evening I promised a few other nephews and nice I would go sleepover at their house.

Yup, if I don't get my act together I will probably be down there with literally not much more than the clothes on my back, LOL LOL Good thing I work well under pressure!

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