Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day in the Life of a Returned College Student

Alright, let me jump right in.

I am still getting A's in all of my classes. Although I did get a 85% on a test in one class the other day that might drop my grade a little.

It's my own fault for having a bit of a migraine when taking the test. No excuses though, I'll admit I missed the easiest 2 point question on the test. Which was, "what is the name of your Instructor?"

Seriously, I couldn't think of his name for the life of me and I just emailed him the night before about something. So yeah, I deserved that 85%, LOL

The class that I picked the political topic that I wished I hadn't (mentioned it last week). We had to do open class critiques on them.
Now I have to do a total revision and take all the constructive criticism and redo the paper. My group didn't have much criticism to offer on mine I thought that was a plus until I realized I was going to have to come up with how to redo it all on my own, oh well.. I got it done and if I do say so I deserve a pat on the back it's not half bad!

My design class, finally an easy assignment. Well not really, but the first part is.
Interviewing a small business owner and doing a re-design on their company logo.
Sweet, I interviewed myself!
I'm going to re-create the logo for my wedding business!

Now, if I could just get up to speed and figure out how to use adobe Illustrator well I'd be doing even better!


Sometimes when I get done with class I go home and throw on a trashy tank top and short shorts that don't really cover much. Especially with the extra weight I have gained. But it's just me and it helps me keep cooler so I can keep the air conditioner down, so I've never thought twice about it.
I never have unannounced guests, and I always keep the window blinds shut.


I finished with my homework and decided to pull my bike out in the living room and work on a few things I wanted to add and fix to it.  So for a tad more light I opened the blinds a little.
Right in the middle a knock on the door.

Which I was 100% fully planning to just ignore.

Until I see this girl peek to look in and she see's me and waves, LOL
Dang it!

So I get up open the door adjusting "my girls" haha to make sure at least nothing was hanging out first.

They were sweet, I forgave them when one of the girls called me a twenty-something. Anyone who thinks I look younger than I am, well they always get bonus points!

Long story short, I told the girls I only dress trashy like this when I am home alone to keep cool, or when I am opening the door to missionaries, LOL

I took it as a lesson. Open other blinds, not the ones next to the front door when I look like a Rollie pollie redneck!

Also learned, not making time for breakfast when going to a class well that is quite a bad idea. I am pretty sure I provided entertainment for at least 6-12 people around me as my stomach literally wouldn't stop reminding me I didn't eat and in a very loud way!


So I attend a singles church for the first time.
I am fine to be the one to introduce myself, I have no trouble putting myself out there to make new friends. Points for me there, LOL

So this girl I sit next to on the back row, I introduce myself telling her I just moved here.
First she tells me, yeah we are an odd bunch (meaning those in that church) but occasionally one of us gets lucky and gets out, LOL
I assumed she meant gets married, so I just laughed.

She randomly asks, so are you  going to be looking for a job here?
I said, yes eventually.
She gets all defensive, and says "well I hope you don't take one I am after, because I am sick of working retail and I need out and I can't work in a cubicle either because it might kill me. This is a vacation town, so retail jobs are nearly all there is, so I hope you don't mind retail."

I just thought, OOOOKAY.

I told her, no worries I am probably going to get a job at....... I am just waiting for the position I want to open.
She gets even more defensive and says "But that is where I have been trying to get into, you won't get in it's very hard I have been trying for years." LOL

I tried to be kind but the part of me that doesn't care decided to speak so I said: "Actually I was working for the same organization up north up until a few weeks ago, so I am pretty much a sure thing as soon as one opens."

Yup, I didn't win a friend over there, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing, LOL.

Sometimes you meet someone and you wonder "how can they still be single" then other times you meet someone and say "I know exactly why they are single."
I have decided not to let it get to me, next time I go I think I will just sit next to a guy and hope for less drama, LOL LOL

Note to self, if I ever tell anyone there I am a blogger come back and delete this so I don't offend anyone there! LOL

 I did break in my mountain bike a little.

Another funny story:

So I drive to a trail head, starts out dirt but then is nicely paved along some beautiful red cliffs.

Originally I was going to to 20 miles that day. However after a few miles I was huffing and puffing so much. I seriously was wondering why I am so much more out of shape than I thought I was.
I mean I knew the hills kicked my butt, some were so steep I had a hard time pushing the bike up the hill. LOL

But the area's I (thought) were somewhat flat I still couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble catching my breath.
So 5 miles in I had it, I was totally completely spent. Slightly disappointed, but tired enough it didn't bother me to turn around long before I got to where I had wanted to go.

As I did, I realized and was somewhat vindicated in feeling so out of shape on my way up.
I literally didn't have to peddle more than 5-6 (peddles) times the entire way back. It was virtually all downhill and some area's were so steep downhill it gave me more than enough momentum to make it up even the steep hills. I made it back down in what felt like minutes.

Apparently the somewhat flat I thought on my way up was just a messed up illusion, it was pretty much all uphill, thank goodness! I am not as terribly out of shape as I was thinking on the way up, LOL

On a side note, I need some practise, some of the downhill was such a decline I was seriously going so fast I knew if I crashed I would be near death and my helmet wouldn't protect me much ha ha. I think the more I do it, the more comfortable I will get with high speeds... and my fears will fade... theoretically, LOL


The cartilage seems to be beginning to heal. I have been off all drugs for it for a week now. It hurt when I went biking on the uphill, but didn't damage it so much that some ice and a nights rest eased the pain and swelling.

Took a rest day, then went on a 5 mile walk with 1/4 mile run and the pain was nearly not noticeable. If I remember the last time I tore it, it was 6 weeks of pushing to a little pain, letting it heal to help the muscles build while I got used to the new stretching of the tear.

If I'm still having trouble in 3 weeks, I'll get a cortisone shot to help with any inner swelling, between that and the healing it will hopefully fix things for good. Or so is the plan:) Because I've got a serious amount of hiking and climbing I want to do in a few weeks and I'm going to be totally bummed if I have to cancel it!

On a side note, even in the desert I can see dolphins on may walk/run, LOL (above picture.) You may have to look close to see them:)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day in the Life of a Returned College Student

I thought it would be fun to start a day in the life of a returned college student series. I've never been a day in the life blogger, its something I've contemplated doing for a while now.

It's going to take me a while to get the hang of how to do them. So it may seem like a recap, but I promise the more I do these the better I will get!

Well hopefully...

You're actually getting a 2 day experience as I have different classes on Mon. Wed. Fri vs Tue. Thur.

I've been sleeping in this week.
I know the shame!

I am still babying my knee so why wake up earlier than I have to. So yeah 7 or 9 am depending on the day.
But I won't lie, I've missed my sunset or sunrise runs each day!

Monday night I had this brilliant idea to save money on air conditioner costs and sleep with just the windows open.
I opened them earlier, and I should have taken the hint at 11pm and my apartment at around 85 degrees that it was going to be a bad idea.

But lets be honest sometimes I'm not that bright...

Short version, I got very little sleep and it took me nearly an entire day to get the apartment cooled off again,
Yeah, won't be trying that again for a few months!

I went to my Digital Design class the first morning this week, I was so lost within less than 2 minutes. Yeah I am one of the only people in the class who have never used Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and a few other programs.

I saw people taking shapes and making the below cowboy in minutes while I was still trying to figure out how to get the shape pieces.
The other project, looked so simple.... But it took me forever!

It took me 4 hours that afternoon to make a couple of stupid designs like we were instructed to do in class. I am not afraid to admit that I got back and pulled up You Tube videos to watch others teach me how.  Thank Goodness for You Tube!!!!!

Let's just say, the graphics on my blog might NOT be getting a vast improvement any time soon. I think I need to take the weekend and just play with the programs and figure things out!

My apartment bathroom in the morning gets to like 95 degree's before 9am and I discovered while driving home one night that the frosted windows in them don't really block much as I could see right in my neighbors window.

So to keep the risk of me giving passerbys a peep show each time I take a shower at night, and well to help bring the temperature down I decided to make curtains.

I hit up a fabric store and had these done and hanging for exactly $7.50 and that includes the rod. They only took me about 10 minutes to make! I even impressed myself, LOL

Here is the before and after. Oh this is when the sun wasn't shining in the room, this is how bright it used to get in the evening in the shade. So much better now!

In one of my classes we were asked to write a short essay with a few questions. I happen to be watching something political on the news so I just did it on that for Monday.
Just my luck I am now stuck with this topic for a while, as tonight I just spent 4 hours writing a research paper on a subject I never cared to know so much about.

In case your wondering the original topic was, How the Media Weakens Society with Misleading Opinion Polls on the Candidates...
I would have never done this if I thought for a minute I'd have to spend more than 5 minutes in class presenting it...
Lesson learned!

In my Event Management class we are required to work on a project. Well let me simplify I have to work with other students to create a glow in the dark frisbee event.
I'm paired with one of the Football players, who could careless and is always gone for games. A girl who just wants to flirt with the football player and rarely shows up. Another guy, who like me doesn't want to do it but we will.
So he emails me last night and is like, so I think it's just going to be us, LOL - My thoughts exactly!

I tell ya, that is just luck in the group project pairing system!

Last night I hurried to get all my homework done. I decided to take a break from school and homework and go see The Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical at Tuacahn. I had bought season tickets there with my sister for last Christmas and I still had one show left to see.
I didn't even care that I was going alone, to be honest I had a great time and it was a really nice break!
The above picture is the entrance, the Amphitheatre stage is right up against that beautiful red rock!

Speaking of outdoors, we had a little cool front move through and the temps last night in that little red canyon the theater is in dropped into the lower 70's.
Let me just say you know you live in a desert when over half the people around you find that so cold they are wearing puffy winter coats or jackets of some sort.
Okay, okay I'll admit I bought a jacket just in case, but it was hidden in my purse where it stayed... Well where it stayed until the wind kicked up in the 2nd half and I may have put it on...
Yikes, I am already a wimpy temperature girl!

So that is a day in the life of my past two days...
Okay, yes my college life is a little lame this week, but it will get better I (for you) I have some very embarrassing oral reports coming up and I am going to attempt going to a singles church Sunday to meet others...Yes good times, LOL LOL