Monday, April 29, 2013

Motivational Monday Blog Link-Up - GIVEAWAY

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     For this weeks Motivational Monday link-up, I decided to add my BESTOWED GIVEAWAY.  But for TODAY only, I am giving anyone who stops by my blog 1 Free Do Nothing Entry, just as my way of saying thanks for stopping by, Hope you have a great MONDAY.  Just click on the Motivational Monday FREE ENTRY in the Rafflecopter form below this post.
(NOTE: Since it is now past Monday, I have removed the additional giveaway chance.  If you'd still like to enter, you can click HERE.  I will announce the winner on May 9th both on this page, and on the original giveaway page.)

- But first here are my favorite Motivational/Inspirational quotes for the week -


a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. Oh my goodness, the Flapjacked Protein Pancake Mix sounds amazing! Thanks for organizing this giveaway!

  2. Love the alphabet motivation! I need it today :)

  3. The egg white chips sound intriguing!

  4. Sweet! I'm hoping to get a bestowed sample box to review on my blog too. Great!

  5. Bestowed looks great, I have only gotten a Kona Kase before. I have never tried KIND brand of anything, so I'm interested in that!

  6. I want to try the Protein Pancake mix! I have tried out the Klutchclub boxes and really liked those. This one looks great too!

  7. I've just started up a motivational monday thread on my blog too.
    here is the link if you wanna see.

  8. Visiting from running bloggers. I love KIND granola, the cinnamon one with blueberries is a great addition to lunch

  9. Thank you to everyone who stopped by my blog during the Motivational Monday Link-Up! I will post the results of the giveaway both here in this post, as well as on the original giveaway page. Thanks again! Hope you all had fabulous Mondays!!!

  10. The egg white chips sound intriguing!

    Aion Kinah and


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