Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ausable Chasm, New York

I've had Travel Tuesday on hold for a little while, which I am sorry about because it's one of my favorite weekly posts to put together. Hopefully, I can get back to being more regular with them all.

For this week's Travel Tuesday adventure, I'd like to show you a gem I found in the middle of the beautiful lush Adirondack Mountains of New York.  This place is called Ausable Chasm and there is a limitless amount of adventure that you can do here. It's definitely a place for adventure seekers!

This is the view you will see from the road itself.  I would like to mention I visited in the spring during an extremely high runoff time, and they were having unusual amounts of flooding.  Normally, these falls are big and beautiful, but not quite as big, powerful and muddy water like you will see in my pictures.

So what can you do in this area beside enjoy and take in the views of the beautiful chasm?

A walk or hike along the 5 miles of trails.  Could make your hike as short at 1 mile, or as long as 5 miles as you get down in and explore this canyon right next to the river.  (Again normally, there are trails that are right aside this river, they are sort of buried in water in my pictures:)

The beautiful rock that you see in this chasm area, was formed about 500 years ago.  There are caves you can explore in the area too.

How about taking a river rafting trip?  Or hoping on an inner tube and floating down the river.  (Not down the falls, sorry daredevils:)

You can also make a family trip of it, and camp in the campgrounds or cabins.  They even have a motel in the area for those who don't enjoy the fun adventure of camping:)


*  Although viewing the chasm and falls do not have a charge.  The trails and facility rentals are privately owned.  So those do have regulations and charges.

*  They also charge for tube and raft rentals.  However, you can save some money by bringing your own water shoes.  However, if you forget them they do have them for purchase in the store.

*  There is a delicious grill at the Chasm, that I ate at and enjoyed, for those who love great grill food!

* Check with their "open hours", they close some of the things down in the evening.

* Nearby spots of interest: Lake Placid, Lake Champlain (NY & VT boarder - as well as near the Canadian boarder) not to mention stunning views and drives through the Adirondacks.

* I actually stayed in Burlington, Vermont when I went and drove my rental car onto the ferry to New York, and drove over to the falls for an afternoon.  It is a beautiful drive and ferry ride!

* For those who like to run races along with checking out stunning places of adventure. I actually visited this chasm on the same trip I ran the Vermont City Marathon, which is a great race for those who enjoy marathons with beautiful scenery. For those interested, you can find my marathon race review HERE.

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