Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Parasail Adventures in the Bahamas

This week for Travel Tuesday I am going to take you on an adventure. One that if you don't have a fear of heights, I would highly recommend you try yourself one day.

While I went Parasailing in the Bahamas, you can actually do this at many coastal destinations, even some lakes have parasailing.
Although it is relatively safe, there is some risk. I remembered seeing a news report a while back, that parasailing companies in the U.S. have to follow strict regulations, while others around the world do not follow those same safety guidelines.  So when choosing where and when to do it, that is something to keep in mind.

Pretty much anyone can do it, there is no skill involved. If you can wear a harness and follow simple instructions about where you should or shouldn't put your hands while taking off and landing, then you can go.

It's a lot of fun, it's not one of those adrenaline rush thrills, as it's a bit tamer on the adventure scale. But it is still fun, and worth trying at least once. My friend that came with me, she was afraid of heights, but she did it anyway and had a lot of fun too.


I mentioned above it is relatively safe.  Which it is, but I want to tell you my funny almost not so safe story about this particular trip.

I had paid to go once, but the guy in charge had a little crush on me. So when I landed he unhooked my friend and told me I got to go again.  Which I was totally excited about! (Hey, it pays to be a single girl sometimes:) ha ha.)
This other gal, a total stranger was hooked up next to me and up we went. My friend stayed back and took a few pictures.

We were to be the last parasail on that boat trip out, and the driver and guides per my friend were talking to her and everyone there having fun letting us stay up a bit longer. When all of a sudden out of nowhere what they call a smaller rouge wave came up and the boat driver didn't see it in time.

He had to make a quick hard left and turned the boat almost around to miss the wave, so the boat wouldn't get flipped.  Now if you have parasailed before or are a water skier, or at least understand the part about the boat needing to have the rope tight to do the pulling work and keep ya up part. Then you can probably visualize what happened next.

Yup, we were plummeting and despite being hooked to a parachute of sorts, myself and the gal next to me were coming down fast.  
I quickly realized something was happening (because obviously we didn't feel or see the wave.) But a glance below seeing that the guides were working frantically to reel in the rope as fast as absolutely possible. That and the fact that it was perfectly obvious the boat turned directions quickly.

You know how you always wonder how you will react during crazy times, I mean you hope you will be calm, but you never know. Well luckily I am a calm reactor to things, the gal next to me, not so much.

I turned to her remember telling her to calm down, and relax because there was a good chance if they couldn't get the line in below we were going to hit the water pretty hard. I told her we might be under second or two but we will be okay, but since we were hooked together if the chute landed on us, we would have to swim together to get out from under it. I do remember telling her many times, relax and enjoy the thrill she might actually have an adventure story to go home with.
I vaguely remember her throwing up, LOL

Well luckily, they got the rope tight just in time. In fact the picture you see below where we were close to the water is us. We didn't hit, but were were about 4 feet from the water before the boat and rope caught up and was tight again. 
My friend on the boat took this picture for me, so I would have a picture to highlight my almost parasailing accident, LOL  She said it was pretty exciting watching it all happen.
If you're wondering, the guy on the boat laughing, was laughing because he thought me and the other gal were going under. Glad to know of their concern, LOL

Anyhow, that is my fun parasail story. Don't let it discourage you from going, stuff like that happening is pretty rare. Rare things seem to always happen to me, I swear I am like prone to them, if you've read my blog over the past few years, you've probably picked up on that odd fact too.  LOL

(Sorry about the picture quality, these were taken with one of those waterproof Kodak cameras.)

Have you been parasailing before?
Is this something you want to try sometime?


  1. I've never been parasailing but I really want to try it. I'd signed up twice but the weather had other plans both times :( I'm glad you can laugh about that story now! It sounds like it might have been a bit stressful at the time with the other girl panicking.

  2. I've actually never been parasailing, but it's something I've always wanted to do. So glad you had fun!

  3. nope nope nope nope AND nope.
    I'd be throwing up like the lady next to you.
    I have a fear of heights but can suck it up for fun things, but I just hear too many crazy things about these things.... I couldnt do it.

  4. Parasailing looks fun. For a long time, I didn't swim and was afraid of any sports that had water involved. Last year, I took swimming lessons and am lots more comfortable now so I think this is something I would do… maybe that's an idea for a honeymoon activity. Wink wink!

  5. I loved it! We had a girls weekend at Captiva island and it was the highlight activity of the weekend! My girlfriend's daughter turned green, I guess it is not for everyone but I would go again!

  6. You are so adventurous! Lacey has done this but I have not!

  7. After watching them all day in Jamaica and finally getting up my courage, I went down to the spot on the beach where they were parasailing from. As soon as I walked up, they said they had closed. It's still on my bucket list. I'm hoping for no rouge waves!

  8. I went parasailing in Jamaica....loved it!!

    OMG-your story....i would have died! I am pretty calm but iff I thought I was going to hit the water, I don't think I would have been so calm. Glad you all were OK. And had an adventure story to tell!

  9. Well it's always nice to get an extra free ride! I was so scared when I went a few years back

  10. Yikes, Kristy, this was an awfully close call. You certainly have a strong stomach for adventure. I would have been freaking out. Tom took a parasail ride many many years ago in Mexico and had a blast, but the other guy in the boat cut his foot landing back on the pier after his ride. My biggest adventure is trying something like standup paddleboard since I am afraid of heights.

  11. I would totally do it!! I like to believe I would remain calm in that situation too. Not much freaks me out. I wonder what rare things will happen to us in June!! 😉

  12. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:12 PM

    Ha my husband got to do this a couple years back and loved it. I said ever since then the next opportunity I was going to do it too! Funny story! Glad it all turned out well and glad you were calm about it!

  13. Oh you definitely have to try it sometime!
    It wasn't stressful at all for me, but then at the time I was just thinking the worst that was going to happen was I was going to get wet and have to swim for a minute, LOL

  14. I do hope you get a chance to try it one day, it's a lot of fun!

  15. LOL LOL Ya not everyone is into the whole love of heights thing:)

  16. I haven't heard his story, I'll have to search for it and check it out:)

  17. Oh, it's definitely a great honeymoon activity! Truthfully, you won't even get wet, it's pretty safe especially if you pick one with a reputable company or one regulated in the US!

  18. Oh that's awesome!
    Ya, I imagine there are some who have that deathly fear of heights who can't even handle this, but I bet after she was secretly impressed she did it!
    In fact, my friend I did this with was afraid of heights and went out of her comfort zone to do it, and she was so excited and impressed with herself for sucking up her fear and going for it!

  19. I do like to have fun:)
    Maybe one day, you'll want to give it a try:)

  20. Oh bummer! You'll have to do it someday, its really much safer than it looks. Especially if you do it in the US, they regulate it and require them to inspect the equiptment an stuff!

  21. That's awesome! Jamaica would be a beautiful place to do it!
    LOL LOL, I think that is what the girl next to me was thinking:) But truthfully, the worst that was going to happen was I was going to get wet and have to tread water for a few minutes until the boat swung around to get us. I think that is why I wasn't scared when I was watching below and feeling us fall, LOL

  22. Oh ya, who doesn't love an extra freebee:)

  23. It may seem that way, but I think not much would have happened other than us getting wet, and having to tread water for a minute until the boat came around to get us.
    Oh ouch, that would have been horrible to cut your foot on the pier!!! Luckily we took off and landed back on the back of the boat so there was no risky landing:)

  24. Oh since you will be with me in June, prepare for the wacky and odd. As I seem to attract it, LOL Maybe that's why I am so good at being calm, LOL
    But truthfully, I just have a feeling we will have a blast those 2 days!

  25. Oh I do hope you will get to try it someday, I think you'll love it. It's pretty fun!

  26. I want to do this so badly, the last time we were in Bermuda, the winds were too high and they weren't going out. The next time we are somewhere tropical, I have to make it happen!

  27. Wow! What a crazy almost accident story! Glad it turned out ok. I haven't tried parasailing but it does look fun!

  28. Well you know I love the roller coaster drop rush so this should be right up my alley... your story is a bit scary lol I am not usually clam when things go wrong, I would have panicked seeing the water get closer and closer lol I am glad it all turned out okay.

  29. I've been to the Bahamas once, but I was 6 at the time and don't remember it all that well anymore. I've gone parasailing in Thailand before though and it was a lot of fun!

    Hooray for unexpected perks with that guy in charge and getting to go again! :P I'm glad you both ended up being okay, hahaha. :P


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