Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day in the Life of a Returned College Student

I am a couple of days into Spring Semester, to be honest I really am just going to take it all one day at a time. I started thinking about how much I have to pull off over the next few months and it was starting to become overwhelming.

What classes am I taking? 

Two of my design classes; I have a more advanced Photoshop class as well as a more advanced Illustrator class.

I've still been coming back from a bad cold and I almost cried the other day in class. My brain just isn't functioning well and in my Photoshop class the instructor spent 30 minutes going step by step to help us with our first assignment. My brain wouldn't work and he was going so fast I got lost on step 1....

Yes, I know pathetic to admit it.
Let's just say it meant a couple of hours with googling tutorials to get it figured out on my own.

The Digital Design portion of my degree I thought originally would be the easiest and it's clearly turning out to be the most difficult for me! But I'll get it, eventually!

I am also taking Commercial and Travel Recreation Planning. (I'm also a Recreation management degree student.) After hearing about the outline of the class I am very excited. I will get to speak with the guy who runs a lot of the national park half marathons around the country and I am excited for that day!

I'm also taking a Humanities class about the Era of Vietnam, so far I am so lost in it I can't figure out where the instructor is going with it. We spent all of today talking about and listening to black history music between 1910-1950. I couldn't figure out how this could possibly fit with Vietnam, but I called my dad and he had a much better guess that makes sense, LOL Like I said my brain is just not working best with this cold, and I'm going to wait until it is before I go embarres myself with the instructor about questions regarding the class!

Check out this fabulous reading material for the course, LOL this is much heavier book reading than I enjoy doing!

Last, I convinced them to let me into my Senior Thesis project for my Interdisciplinary Program even though I am not yet quite a senior. I did this to help me graduate on time!
What is a senior thesis, well pretty much it's half a masters degree, at least that is my interpretation of it based on everything they've told me.

This semester I will be doing all my thesis research and I found out yesterday writing half of my 40-60 research paper... Uggghhhh...
Next semester I will start the project portion. I have a week to decide all I want to do, and while I have an idea I'm having trouble writing it all up for them to present it to get approval on...

My idea: While I am still working on the logistics and correct wording. I am actually looking at researching the effects of influencer based advertising and the current digital design trends that are working best for the recreational industry and where and what may be the best ways to market to recreational based clientele going forward....
Ya, a mouthful, LOL

Other than that, I bought half my books. Why half? Well I am not sure if the other instructors will actually end up using them. So I figured I'd wait and see what happens and buy them later if they are actually needed.

I've got my color coded calendar started. This may sound funny but colleges use Canvas now and in it you can colorize each class on the online dashboard, I match it up to the colors on my dry erase calendar and keep track of all assignments and cross them off after I've turned them in. Last semester I found this was the easiest way to not miss anything and to work ahead at times when I could, so that's why I do it! I also have this baby hanging up on the wall right on the back of my computer desk so it's in full view anytime I am at my desk.

I have also decided not to take on a job right now. This semester is going to be crazy I am pretty sure a part-time job would just make me get behind at times and I can't have that right now especially beginning my thesis this semester!  So, yes social media/blogging is how I am going to afford to eat again this semester, LOL

So that's pretty much it, so far so good, I just wish I could shake off this cold in its entirety and get all my brain cells working full time again, LOL

What things do you do to keep organized in life?

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