Loving These Feel Like Running on Clouds Shoes

Don't you love putting on a new pair of running shoes? I sure do, where shoes are concerned there is nothing better than putting my feet into a new pair and heading out the door for their first run. Let me tell ya, this new Wave Sky pair of shoes felt incredible for that first new shoe run experience!

Before I go any further I want to mention, I was provided a complementary pair of Mizuno Wave Sky's as well as a small compensation for my honest opinion and review. I was not asked to write a positive review, all thoughts and opinions in this are entirely my own. I was provided this opportunity as a Fitfluential Ambassador.

First, let's get to the color, can I just say FUN for summer!! I love the bright colors on this shoe, they not only scream fun but say you look, good girl, LOL

Now many of you may remember I am coming off of a 5-year tendon damage work injury, which has made it so I can only wear a Neutral show that has a higher mm drop.
These are perfect, they have the 10mm drop which to keep from any re-occurring tendonitis injuries was my doctor's original recommendation for the drop I should be looking for. When I received the shoes and saw the technical aspects on the drop, I was thrilled because these shoes are ones I can definitely enjoy and put some higher mileage in!

Features of Wave Sky

The cushion, you can tell the cushion immediately as you put them on, they are quite possibly the most cushion and softest and most plush ride my feet have taken on a run! Seriously, the sole cushion heel to toe is amazing!  If you like a soft landing on your feet with each stride, this is definitely a show you will want to try on at your next running store! Trust me, you'll be loving the cushion!!!

I also loved how even the inside of the shoe felt more cushioned, there was no slipping around, my foot felt perfectly snug and taken care of.
While breaking them in, I haven't tied the laces super tight because of this, but as my foot makes it's place in the cushion I'll adjust the laces as needed. This is something I do with nearly every new shoe, I just noticed a little more with this pair.

Want to learn more about the specs and details? Visit their site HERE.

You can keep up with Mizuno on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for information on new model's and even questions and answers you might be looking for. Or just tag them in your run and let them know what you like about running in their shoes!

My Final Thoughts

I've been a Mizuno shoe wearer for years, technically more than a decade and I can't even count how many pairs and marathons have been run in the Mizuno brand. I have been a huge fan of the Mizuno Wave Rider, in fact, I've owned the Wave Rider 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20. The only reason I missed a few years was that of the work injury.

I love the new Wave Sky's, and I have already put them in rotation with my Wave Rider 20's, so far I have only run up to 8 miles in them. But I do see them being a higher mileage shoe.
In fact, I plan on doing a lot of marathon training in these shoes this summer to help me make my comeback into marathons this fall!

If you're looking for a higher drop neutral shoe (10mm) with maximum cushion abilities, I highly suggest stopping off at your local running store and trying a pair of these on. Even if you don't need a pair, stop in for some run chat (I do it all the time) and try a pair on for fun. Guarantee you'll be amazed at the cushion and support of this shoe, not to mention even with all of that cushion they still feel light on the feet!

Do you run in Mizuno's
Have you tried on the new Wave Sky's?

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